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What is Aging Services?

The Aging Services Industry is unique in that there are unique exposures and the amount and cost of claims can be extensive. We believe that there are no bad accounts, only bad situations. SMP operates in all 50 states and entertains all segments of the Aging Services marketplace (Skilled Nursing, Assisted Living, Independent Living, Continuing Care Retirement Communities, as well as Home Health).

At SMP, we provide creative solutions to help clients intelligently manage risk. We work hard to find creative solutions for the tougher to place Aging Service Accounts. Every account is unique with different risks and needs. It is our job to look for a creative solution to each account.

Firstly, we have markets that specialize in hard to place accounts on a traditional policy that is usually requires a deducible or SIR. We have done ART deals in this class with an A rated carrier.  We can also structure a program where Insured pays all of their own claims (indemnity form) for a PL/GL policy. We can utilize a segregated cell captive for accounts that qualify for the tax deferred benefits from their loss control to produce a stable long term solution and profit potential.

We look at risk differently than many clients and most underwriters. We know what plaintiff attorneys look for before they pursue litigation. As seasoned professionals, we have a good feel for actions that clients can take to lower their risk profile and mitigate the chance of litigation. We work with clients to set operations to help them avoid activities that will be attractive to attorneys looking to pursue litigation.

In addition to providing high quality risk transfer, we also can provide the following services:

 Risk Management – to help mitigate future risk

Claims Handling – by some of the most skilled and experienced handlers in the country

Premium Financing – to help ease cash flow concerns

 Our markets utilize Risk Management Services to assist in rehabilitating accounts and lowering their loss costs, and their cost of risk, over time.

Providing solutions for Professional and General Liability, and solutions for Workers’ Compensation.

The following is needed to offer a proposal

Acord 125 (both sides fully completed)

Nursing Home or Assisted Living application fully completed for each location you wish to insure. Resumes of the facility's Administrator, Director of Nursing, and Medical Director (where applicable)

One year current audited financials including balance sheet and income statement

 A copy of the current state license

A copy of the most recent state survey with the facility's plan of corrections

A copy of HCFA 672

5 years loss runs with our loss recap sheet completed to summarize

 A copy of the current carrier's cancellation or non-renewal letter or a copy of the declaration page from the current policy.  

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